Career and Mentor Kit




Hope is the answer


Girls of all cultures need guidance to choose appropriate career paths.


Appropriate education or training can be key to achieving financial stability and personal satisfaction.


Hope Is the Answer. Understanding Is the Key.
The Career and Mentor Kit (CAMKit) is an innovative program to empower girls to explore the wide realm of realistic traditional and nontraditional career opportunities and the career paths that lead to them. Our program encourages the girls to see that, "You can do it."

We provide the young girls the opportunity to identify with the inspiring stories of women who found their way to a wide range of interesting traditional and non-traditional careers. One goal is to guide younger girls to see the value of appropriate education or training as the key to achieving financial stability and personal satisfaction. Our Kit helps girls build self-esteem and self-awareness. You can visit also seo experts sydney and seo expert london.

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